Global Space
Design Challenge

"The Space Design Challenge is the most important thing I did in my schooling."
Marsha Long

Summer of 2021

for students of the Middle East

What is the GSDC?

Students aged 14-18 will embark on an intensive two-week summer camp tailored towards equipping you with the skills necessary to elevate your university applications above the masses.

This is achieved through a unique university taster course supplemented with subject-specific teaching and exposure to lead researchers and experts at Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford.

The experience will be concluded with an exhilarating 24-hour Space Design Challenge. This is an interdisciplinary competition designed as a simulation of life-in-industry where the twelve winning students will have the opportunity to go to the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) held at and hosted by NASA.


Put your technical knowledge to the test as you work to solve genuine space engineering problems as well as finding a solution to a simulated Request-for-Proposal.


Design methods to keep humans healthy (and happy!) in outer space, or on the surface of other worlds. Then, be challenged to integrate your clever solutions with the natural environment.


Help construct and even manage a large team of dynamic, driven, and like-minded students as you endeavour to showcase your hard work all within budget and a timeframe of just 24 hours.

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